More videos on fracking

A BBC documentary lifting the lid on the fracking spin, investigating environmental and health issues associated with fracking in Australia, the US, and Lancashire and UK Methane's plans to drill near drinking water sources in Somerset. 

Fracking in Botswana

SABC 50/50

Fracking is a highly controversial practise. Although it is an effective method of extracting natural gas, it is also a destructive and disruptive process. Fracking's detrimental effects have already been noticed in areas of long term operation and unfortunately for South Africa, these dangerous practises will soon be coming our way when fracking begins the Karoo. 

 However South Africa is not the only country in Southern African to take this leap into hydraulic fracturing. Botswana has made provisions for shale gas extraction throughout the Kalahari landscape, even in some of the countries beautiful nature reserves. Contamination of ground water is one of the greatest concerns around fracking. Ground water not only an important resource for local communities but for the environment and its wildlife as well. We follow Jeff Barbee, a flimmaker and journalist, as he reveals both the effects of fracking and his findings in southern Africa.