Conservation Videos

Here are some videos which feature a nature conservation theme:

A Farm for the Future

In 2009, Rebecca Hosking and Tim Green made an hour long TV programme for BBC2 called 'A Farm For the Future' exploring how peak oil will effect farming and food distribution and why permaculture design, forest gardening and other regenerative agriculture practices could help us to cope with soaring fossil fuel prices that drive current agriculture practices which relies on fertlisers, mechanisation and distribution by transitioning to organic practices, diversifying yields and relocalising food supply. Millions of people watched the first screening – so much so that the BBC rescreened the film within weeks. There were countless requests for the BBC to release a DVD of the film from all over the world but sadly they declined to do so. We are therefore posting this version of what has become a turning point for permaculture in the mainstream media.

With thanks to Tim and Rebecca for making this film and the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol for commissioning it. What is certain is that we need more films like this and more support for the innovative and talented film makers who make them.

How Wolves change Rivers

I know that many of you will say that this is impossible. How on Earth can a predator change the course and structure of rivers?

This video, with a commenatry by Gearge Monbiot, explains how wolves which had been re-introduced to the Yellowstone National Park in Montanna so altered the landscape by controlling the Elk that the rivers took on a new dimension. This resulted in the restoration of ecological balances and improved the whole ecosystem.  You will find this video to be very interesting from a conservation viewpoint.

Strange Days on Planet Earth - Predators

This video examines the role of predators in Nature and poses the question: Should we be bringing predators back into the developed areas?

Green Gold - Documentary by John D. Liu

John D.Liu is a man with a mission. He has found out how to make deserts and badly damaged ecosystems gree again.

The Magical Forest - BBC documentary

All things on Earth are connected and all depend on each other for their wellbeing and survival.

This video showcases the links and threads that connect all things in the greatest temperate forest in the world which streches right across Canada.

Planet Ant - Life inside the colony (BBC documentary)

This video explores the fascinating complexlife story of the life inside a colony of millions of ants

Global Alliance for the Rights of Nature

Learn about the origins of the Rights of Nature movement as Ecuador becomes the first country to include Rights of Nature in its Constitution and communities across the United States adopt Rights of Nature and assert their community rights. Travel to Cochabamba, Bolivia for the creation and proclamation of the Universal Declaration for the Rights of Mother Earth. Experience the 2014 Global Rights of Nature Summit and the launch of the first Permanent Rights of Nature Ethics Tribunal.